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Rotary corking machine with press on corking heads

Rotary corking machine with press on corking heads

Rotary corking machine with press on corking heads and Pick & place

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Suitable to apply press-on plastic caps, which can be distributed by stripping on glass bottles

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Suitable to apply plastic mushroom corks and T-shaped natural corks (with plastic, wood or cork top)

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Suitable to apply press-on corks and caps on glass PET and PVC bottles




Machines description and technical operation

The corks are brought from the automatic vibratory feeder, which is mounted on top of the machine. The corks are transported via a chute and introduced into the closing head in which they are laterally held by two jaws manufactured from special anti­friction material. 

The cork application e made by lifting the bottle to the corking head by a mechanical piston which determines the cork e positively positioned and placed into the neck under pressure.

The base frame is rigidly constructed and clad in stainless steel and is designed so that it has a clean and sanitary appearance. A back-up safety e fitted at the discharge of the machine.


  •  Flame proof electrics of tropicalised ;

  • Cap elevator supplied from ground floor hopper in stainless steel ;

  • monoblock execution of two or more machines for composite plugging and capping machines ;

  • Pre-disposal for synchro-block connection with other machines on the line ;

  • Electronic variable speed motor ;

  • Electrical connection to other machines in the line is possible ;

  • Speed adjustment at distance ;

  • In the event of a cap/plug jam, the control system can be programmed for machine to stop after one or more successive caps/plugs have been missed up to a maximum of 5 ;

  • This will be shown on the display located in the control panel ;

  • Safety guards fully interlocked ;

  • Electronic speed digital sensor ;

  • Automatic turret height adjustment ;















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