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Automatic machines

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Rinsing carousel Full view S.S. distribution (hot rinse) Double opening clamp
Semiautomatic machines
Sciacquatrice semiautomatica.jpg (43519 byte)R-15 SM Semiautomatic rinsing machine including

recycling system.

Technical description

Photo's  R-15 SM  -  R-20 SM  

RINSING MACHINE MODEL R-9 / R-12 / R-16 / R-20 / R-24 / R-30 / R-40

The standard machines are available in the following versions:

- Single treatment : rinsing with water or sterilizing solution)

- Double treatment:  treating with sterilizing solution and rinsing with water.

Above versions can be equipped with fixed or mobile nozzle, according to customer specifications. 

The machine is equipped with an extremely solid stainless steel safety cabin (AISI 304) which is completely integrated with the structure of the basement, thus improving sturdiness and aesthetics. The doors of the cabin are integrated with the main structure of the machine and are equipped with safety micro-switches which stop the machine in case of opening. 
The bottles which are fed from the conveyor are separated and moved by the stars and spirals which are installed on the machine. Each bottle is positioned in the exact point in order to allow the pick up clamp to firmly clamp the neck. 
During its rotation, the clamp is turned up side down by means of a static helicoidall stainless steel guide which brings the bottles to the completely upturned position. 
The movements of all rotating parts is driven by motors, through stainless steel and self lubricating gears. 
The speed of production is controlled by an electronic inverter. 
Security micro-switches are installed on the central carousel, on the spiral screw and on the stars. 
This is in order to guarantee the immediate stop of the machine in case of incorrect positioning of the bottle or different format. 
N2 micro-switches which are located at the inlet and outlet ensure the completely automatic functioning of the machine. 
An electro-valve immediately stops the flow of the rinsing product in case of machine stop, and starts the flow again one the machine has restarted the production. 

The machine is equipped with an ELECTRIC device for the adjustment of the height of the carousel, in order to adjust it according to the various bottle sizes. 
Electrical plant and control panel are built according to the C.E. regulations.

NOTE: on request the machine can be equipped with a visual display for storing the set-up for each bottle format. With this system the format changeover is extremely easy and quick, as the machine will adjust itself according to the selected bottle size which has been previously recorded.

Semiautomatic rinsing machine model R-15 SM

With this semi-automatic rinsing machine it is possible to obtain production rates which vary from 300 to 1400 bph.
The machine has reduced dimensions and can process either glass or PET bottles. In case of PET bottles a diffused spray is used.
The machine is built in stainless steel and mounted onto 4 wheels for easy moving. It is composed by a rotating carousel with 15 positions for a 800mm diameter plate (15 positions for bottles from 120mm diameter), it can also be supplied with a maximum of 20 position (by using a plate of larger diameter).

The bottles are placed up side down onto the carousel, inside the gaps, so that the bottle necks are positioned in line with the rinsing nozzles. In this way the bottles are rinsed evenly throughout the inner surface thus ensuring a perfect rinsing operation.
The opening and closing of the rinsing valves is automatic , so that the consumption are kept to the minimum. After the injection process the bottles keep turning around the carousel in order to obtain a satisfactory dripping. Loading and unloading of the bottles is manual.
The speed of the machine is adjustable through a speed variator.

The machine is complete with:

- Variable speed motor
- Buttons for start-stop operations
- Electric control panel
- Motor drive with Belt-Drive
- Mounted on wheels in order to allow easy manoeuvring
- Power installed 0,18 kW
- Electricity supply: 380 V.
- Dimensions: 800x800x800
- Packed Dimensions: 1000x1000x1000h 

All materials in contact with the water are specific for use in food industry.
Machine built according to CE regulations.
Hourly production: from 300 to 1.400 bph.















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