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Single head capping machine with magnetic clutch head and PICK & PLACE device

Rotary capping machine with magnetic clutch heads and PICK & PLACE device.

Rotary de-capping machine 


Rotary capping machine with computerized heads.


Rotary capping machine with electromagnetic joint heads.

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Suitable to apply plastic pre-threaded screw caps on glass, PET and PVC bottles.


mod.C-1/PK 2500

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Suitable to apply plastic pre-threaded caps on glass, PET or PVC bottles. 

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Suitable to remove plastic pre-threaded screw caps, aluminium R.O. and R.O.P.P. caps from glass bottles 

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Equipped with DC autonomous motor managed by a computer, and Pick and Place device suitable to apply plastic pre-threaded screw caps on PET , glass and PVC bottles 

TRONIC SAMPLES.jpg (19811 byte)

Equipped with electromagnetic joint heads, suitable to apply plastic pre-threaded screw caps on PET, glass or PVC bottles 



Caps are supplied by means of a centrifugal, mechanical or vibrating cap sorting unit depending upon the type of cap and the speed required for the particular application at hand. The sorting units are also constructed of AISI 304 stainless steel.


The caps chute and distributing head, constructed of stainless steel, are mounted on a support which is anchored to the central shaft. This set up allows for easy height adaptation during changeover by means of the elevator shaft in the central column.

The caps chutes are also equipped with a photocell for cap inventory and a mechanical upside down cap detection device that prohibits the passage of upside down of damaged caps onto the container.


The independent rollers on the 3,4 and 6 head roller threading heads give optimal threading and crimping for the large variety of caps in today's worldwide marketplace. 

The no cap no roll device provides the perfect complementary addition for the intrinsic quality of each of the heads. This device prevents the head from rolling on the bottle if there is no cap present on the bottle neck therefore eliminating bottle breakage. 


The containers rest on supports designed purposely slightly above the central carousel in order to allow for a smooth exit from the machine in the event of possible broken glass fragments or other materials.

When PVC or PET bottles are used, a central disc fastened to a sliding bush on which bottle-neck supports are mounted prevents crushing of the bottles during capping.


An external guide in stainless steel fastened to the turret by means of sturdy columns, also in stainless steel, ensures perfect bottle positioning even at high speeds. 


The electric control panel is normally positioned opposite the in feed screw so as not to come un contact with product or to interfere with production and washing liquids. All control circuits feature low voltage wiring.


All of the motors and the gears located in the interior portion of the machine base are generally enclosed by two stainless covers which allow for more than ample space for the various operations necessary for maintenance. 


The stainless steel turret covers and the Plexiglas safety guards are designed with 2 accessible doors with handles that have safeties incorporated into them. In the event that a safety guard door were to be opened, the machine would automatically shut off.

















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