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Single head corking machine

Rotary corking machine

Rotary mushroom corking machine

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Suitable to apply natural mushroom or straight corks on wine glass bottles

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Suitable to apply natural straight corks on wine glass bottles


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Suitable natural mushroom  corks on sparkling  wine glass bottles. 



All the mentioned machine models are entirely clad in AISI 304 stainless steel as well as the supports on the machine base and the centre column. All of the materials and the techniques used in the construction of the machine are guaranteed to provide the most reliable and durable piece of equipment. 

Commercial materials used in construction of pneumatic. electrical and mechanical components are produced exclusively by leading international firms so as to provide easy representation worldwide.


 Cork sorting is one way directional  and is performed by means of a special sorting unit (supplied separately) which sorts through one or two chutes depending upon the machine's production speed. The corks drop into the pockets of the horizontal transfer disc which by means of an exclusive cork-guide system brings them to the tangential in feed point of the chutes and the corking heads. 


This cork sorting system is a mechanical design and provides high productivity and reliability by means of a safety clutch and generates a very low noise level below 80 db.

The machine is also equipped with special "no bottle no cork" safety devices which prevents the cork from arriving at the corking head if no bottle is present. 

The compression jaws are easily and quickly removed due to its special design system aimed at low maintenance. The jaws are designed with a gradually tapered profile allowing a progressive compression on the cork without affecting its molecular characteristics. 

The cork is held inside the corking head without the aid of any support lever, consequently avoiding inconvenient and damaging interference with the containers. The heart of the machine, or the four jaw compression cam is constructed of hardened steel in order to preserve its operation. If the machine is used for its specifications and design, slow progressive compression of the cork at about 100 is obtained. 


This function is accompanied by the progressive punch action which keeps the cork inside the tapered jaw section until the corks maximum point of compression when at 30 it is inserted into the bottle mouth. 


Cork handling allows quick recovery of the molecules consequently ensuring a perfect seal for the internal pressure of the product. In order to ensure and facilitate overall maintenance on the machine, the lubrication points are concentrated in two areas: one is located on the side panel of the base support and the second is located on the central corking turret.


A central lubrication system can be provided upon request for smaller machines up to 10 heads which it is standard on models with more than 10 heads. To further facilitate machine operation the bottle lift pistons which are made in stainless steel AISI 304 with internal bronze sleeves and internal protection against external fluid penetration, run on a cam immersed in an oil bath thus ensuring a perfect lubrication which eliminates the need to check oil levels. The control panel which is usually located opposite the bottle in feed screw is positioned where it cannot , even accidentally, come in contact with the production and washing liquids. 


All of the controls feature low voltage wiring. The machine's base, housing the drive units and gears is as standard fitted with two large inspection hatches, allowing plenty of room for maintenance operations. The safety guards consisting of sturdy stainless steel frame and Plexiglas panels, are fitted as standard with two doors, controlled by a double micro switch which stops the machine when any door is opened.


















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